Picea abies : Norway Spruce

Medium green, fast growing, tolerate shearing well. Good cold climate Christmas tree, heavily used as understock for all Spruce grafting.

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Plugs volume is approximately 4 cubic inches. Common under stock for all picea grafts. Fibrous roots make transplanting easy.
Not available
0.400 USD
Trees are about 6"-12" tall and root pruned to 6" -7". Caliper will be approximately 3/16" or 4mm.
0.450 USD
Trees are 12"-18" tall and root pruned to 8"-10". Caliper will be approximately 3/16"-1/4" or 4-6mm.
0.500 USD

2 7/8" square x 5 1/2" deep is band pots have open bottoms to allow for superior drainage. Caliper is 3/16"-1/4", plants are about 8"-15" tall.
Not available
1.500 USD
Band Pots are 2 7/8" square and 5 1/2" tall. The pot has an open bottom to provide excellant drainage. The caliper is 1/4"+
Not available
1.650 USD
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