Pinus sylvestris : Scotch Pine (Plugs, 03"-06") (Code: 1828)

Pinus sylvestris : Scotch Pine (Plugs, 03"-06")

A moderately fast growing and extremely versatile pine, they have a huge range and will grow almost anywhere in the world except sub tropical areas and sub arctic conditions. It's one of the few trees listed in USDA zone 1. It will tolerate annual rainfall from 8"-70". They tolerate moist soils but really prefer well drained sites. They need sunny conditions. Because it is so flexible it is a major timber species in areas where options are limited. Used for Christmas trees in very cold areas and in places where it's too wet for most other species. They are also popular as ornamental plants where they can be pruned into poodle forms or sheared into traditional shapes. Commercially they frequently receive the graft for any two needle specialty forms.

The Spanish strain is generally preferred by Christmas tree growers while the French strain is thought to have a better blue color for ornamental use. We grade them both for use and provide a thick stem for field growing and a thinner stem for future grafting.

Seed Source: Spey Valley

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