Abies bornmuelleriana : Turkish Fir (Band Pot, 3/16"-1/4") (Code: 2001)

Abies bornmuelleriana : Turkish Fir (Band Pot, 3/16"-1/4")

Beautiful dark green, glossy needles on stiff stems. The tree is slow during the establishment period but grows up to 18" a year after it's roots are deeply set. It grows in a wide range of conditions, tolerating moisture as well as hot soils. An excellent Christmas tree species. It's also used as grafting under stock for true firs since it tolerate the wet pot conditions.

Seed Source: Kongsore

Please order pots in full boxes of 40 for shipment or 36 for pick up at the nursery. A full box weighs approximately 50-52 pounds. Each pot is wrapped in a plastic bag to offer additional protection in case the box is tipped during shipment. A special packing fee of $10 per box applies.

Tip: Sometimes one size is sold out while other sizes are still available. A current availability list is posted on the home page to provide information on status, price and sizes of all products.

1 pcs. - 99 pcs. 1.500 USD per piece
100 pcs. - 499 pcs. 1.300 USD per piece
500 pcs. - 999999 pcs. 1.250 USD per piece

Price: 1.500 USD
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