Mahonia aquifolium : Oregon Grape (1-0, 08"-12") (Code: 1774)

Mahonia aquifolium : Oregon Grape (1-0, 08"-12") Mahonia aquifolium : Oregon Grape (1-0, 08"-12") Mahonia aquifolium : Oregon Grape (1-0, 08"-12")

A broad leaf evergreen shrub that grows to to 5'. It's slightly leathery leaves are holly shaped, 2"-3" long and 2" wide. They are medium green in summer, they turn a bronze red in winter.  In very early spring (often January or February in the Pacific NW) daffodil yellow flowers appear in small clusters that become pea sized dusty blue berries in late summer. The berries are edible but sour and the pioneers are said to have used them for jelly. The berries are an important food source for birds and small animals. The bright yellow roots have astringent properties.Very commonly used for large scale plantings where year around interest and controlled size is required. (Highways, commercial buildings, small hedges.)

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