Abies nordmanniana : Nordman Fir (3-0, 06"-12") (Code: 1727)

Abies nordmanniana : Nordman Fir (3-0, 06"-12") Abies nordmanniana : Nordman Fir (3-0, 06"-12") Abies nordmanniana : Nordman Fir (3-0, 06"-12")

Very long, dark green, glossy needles often lie flat on the stem and have two white lines on bottom side. Layered, true fir styled branches. Tolerates heavy clay, wet (but not consistently soggy) soils and some shade. Most popular of the European true firs for Christmas tree production. Very good needle retention. Closely related to Turkish Fir.

Seed Sources:
Backmaro, Ambrolarui Tlugi

Minimum order is 100, additional plants may be ordered in increments of 25.
Discounts for 500 or more.

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